White Christmas 3D Screensaver

White Christmas 3D Screensaver 1.0

An animated Christmas screensaver to decorate your desktop (See all)

This is a program that will place an animated screensaver on your desktop.
This way, you will see an animated Christmas scene each time your computer becomes idle. The camera will come closer to house, decorated with Christmas lights, while the snow falls and you hear an appropriate music from your computer´s speakers. By installing this program, you will also be able to put an animated desktop background, that will show just the same scene.

You can use Windows Screen Saver Settings window to tell the system when to launch the Screen Saver, and if you want the system to ask you to login on resume. The "Settings" button will let you configure the options offered by the screensaver. You will be able to select the video mode that you want the program to use, the monitor you will use, if you want the screensaver to stop when moving the mouse, the graphics quality and music that you want the screen saver to play.

In the unregistered version, the program will put a banner on the animated background, announcing that this is an unregistered version, and encouraging you to register the program.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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